Orvifrusa - Tarifa 2021-2022

Arbolado Woodland Frutales Fruit trees Rosales Rosebushes More than 250 types of plants, with a highly flexible range of formats and presentations: The quality of our product, which starts with the strictest quality controls during the production process(we have the most prestigious international certifications), continues with the attention we pay to how the product is presented and packaged, so that it reaches the points of sale in perfect condition, presented in the most attractive way and with useful information for the end consumer, thus ensuring the satisfaction of all our customers. Frutales a raíz, Frutales en contenedor, Frutales acondicionados, Frutales enanos, Frutales semi- ejemplares…. Rosal Bajo, Rosal copa, Rosal trepador, Rosal acondicionado…. Abizia, Celtis, Ceratonia, Cercis, Hibiscus, Jacaranda, Mimosa, Morus, Nerium, Olivo, Prunus cerassifera, Quercus….