Orvifrusa has closed the 2018-2019 season successfully

July 2nd, 2019

All Orvifrusa team would like to thank to all the customers who have shown their trust on us during all this years.

In order to respond to all this confidence, each season our team makes an effort to polish all details, because our objective is that as the product as the service we offer has the maximum level of satisfaction to our customers.

Soon we will show our new catalogue, in which you could look up all the available varieties for the next season.

Orvifrusa is ready to start the new campaign

September 6th, 2018

Orvifrusa team have returned from their summer holidays.

We have recharged our energies to organise the new campaign. This year holds us a lot of production, business visits, national and international trade fair participations, order preparation and sendings to our customers, etc.

We start strong and we have already prepared lots of plant pallets to begin with the exportations and national sendings at our Chiva farm in Valencia.

In addition, shortly will have available the new catalogue in which you could look up all the features and formats of our production for this campaign.

We are ready for a new year of challenges. We have the enthusiasm, the dedication and the illusion aiming to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Autum/winter Fruit Trees campaign at Orvifrusa

December 11th, 2017

This days we are full engaged with the Autum/Winter Fruit Trees campaign, which we offer in different presentations, however Pot presentation is the most requested one this year.

We offer different varieties of citrics as citric caviar, buddha’s hand, kumquat, lime, limequat, lemon tree, tangerine tree, orange tree and grapefruit tree.

We also offer a wide range of standard fruit tree varieties as hawthorn, apricot tree, almond tree, hazelnut tree, jujube tree, cherry tree, plum tree, pomegranate tree, fig tree, persimmon tree, kiwi tree, apple tree, peach tree, quince tree, nashi tree, nectarine tree, medlar tree, walnut tree, olive tree, vine tree and pear tree.

We can prepare our fruit trees in different ways depending on the customer needs and preferences (pallet, carry, cask…). If you are interested in buying high quality fruit trees we can help you. Contact us.